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I went to Davis Farmers Market hoping to pick up some fresh ramen noodles from Pasta Dave but out of luck this weekend. Pasta Dave makes delicious fresh noodles, mostly Italian, having tried some in the past. He is well known in the area for taking his pasta craftsmanship seriously with his pasta on the menu at top end restaurants like Ella in Sacramento. I was really excited to chat with him about his ramen noodles but his prickly manner matched the weather and completely put me off. Hubby and mother-in-law were also perplexed with his behavior so I’ll blame it on the rain and try his ramen noodles in the future. Instead I picked up some fresh Vega Farms eggs to try making shoyu tamago (soy sauce eggs) that is a popular topping on ramen. Ramen boy is not fond of eggs so his response to these were “yuck” but I’m sure once he tastes this golden yolk he will be forever changed. The recipe I tried is from Tadashi Ono’s Japanese Soul Cooking. He is a New York chef and author and owner of Ganso Ramen on my noodle hit list come March when I run the United Airlines NYC Half Marathon.

These eggs are so easy to make. I had the ingredients on hand to make the marinade with shoyu (soy sauce), mirin (rice wine), sake, water, ginger, scallions and garlic. I think the key to great soy sauce eggs is having the very best eggs you can find and Ono-sensei has some very handy tips like poking a hole at the bottom of the rounded part of the egg and to swirl the eggs around at the beginning while cooking. Instead of sharing the recipe on my blog I am going to send you to another. Elly’s Anatomy of Ramen series is brilliant and she highlights Tadashi Ono’s shoyu tamago recipe.

Luckily I only made four eggs because I can eat them in one sitting they are so decadent and delicious. Ojai, my handy yolk tester, totally agrees.


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